21 December 2015

Holidays at Disney Springs

Disney Springs has collected an eclectic set of shops, dining outfits, and entertainment complexes. Many of these areas are being given new life and new stories as the homes of various residents, both well-known and brand new to Disney’s storytelling. With such a diverse set of inhabitants, not to mention guests, the Springs celebrates many holidays this time of year.

Over in the Marketplace section of Disney Springs, you can find displays celebrating many winter holidays. Chanukah, Christmas, and Kwanzaa are all here, with their traditions front and center. New Years is also present. There is even a cabin display decorated for a family that is obviously waiting for Santa, but who may not be celebrating the religious aspects of the season. Regardless of what or how you are celebrating, Disney Springs wants you to know that you’re welcome!

Winter holidays are a time for reflection on the year behind us, and thinking about our hopes and dreams for tomorrow. By their very nature the fall around the darkest time of the year, at least in the northern hemisphere, and highlight the resiliency of people the world over. That’s enough philosophizing from me, let’s look at these wonderful displays!

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