31 December 2015

From the Archives - McRivet

When I started the Main Street Gazette I thought a few people would read it here and there, but mostly it would be a repository for my various interests. Eventually, I figured, I would run out of things to say and stories to tell and it would dwindle away. Never in my wildest dreams did I expect it to lead me to all of you. To friends who have become family. To writing for magazines and being a guest on podcasts. To meeting and talking with personal heroes and legends.

While some of my best friends are still considered personal heroes and mentors (I’m looking at you, Mongello!), there are still some experiences I’ve never completely become comfortable with. When Celebrations Magazine led me to an article that allowed me to talk with George McGinnis, I was fairly certain that I would melt under the pressure. When he gave me personal stories, like today’s article where he talked about how he got his nickname, that wouldn’t fit in the story, but we perfect for the Gazette, I felt privileged!

To share a personal tale, I was so nervous about speaking with George McGinnis that I actually set up the interview as a series of emails. I was certain that if I picked up a phone and he was on the other end, I would just fall apart into a stammering fanboy, unable to even say my own name. He was so generous with his time and knowledge, and I would sit and listen to him for hours if he’d let me (or write his memoir if he’d allow me!), is it any wonder that I continually petition for him to be inducted as a Disney Legend? But none of this would have ever been possible without all of you, so, thank you!

McRivet – Originally Published 12 December 2011

A couple of months back as part of an article I was working on for Celebrations Magazine, I had the extreme pleasure of being able to talk a personal hero of mine, George F. McGinnis. Most widely remembered for the creation of Horizons, but on this day we chatted about 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Submarine Voyage.

While most of the interview made it into the article, here are a few wonderful moments that I thought I wanted to share with all of you!

Main Street Gazette: What type of limitations did the submarines' designs face?

George McGinnis: As concept designer I had no limitations placed on me. But near the end of my effort, I heard a clue to my doing too much detail. Dick Irvine President of WED hailed me in the hall one day, "McGinnis are you 'glossing the goose' over there.” Meaning over at Roger Broggie's Engineering where Bob Gurr and I had our offices. Apparently Roger had been talking with Dick. ;) When I finished with the design, the project was handed to Bob to do the field supervision in Florida during construction . I was new and had no experience with field work. I made one trip to Florida on the subs to explain my drawings on rivet layout.

Thereafter I was called McRivet. ;)

George McGinnis (discussing how he felt about the design, and the fiberglas model made his design): I asked my boss Roger Broggie if I could have the model and heard the loudest NO! ever heard from him. ;)

He was Walt's "can-do man" -- all business around the office, but fun to travel with.
I cannot begin to explain how extraordinary it was to speak with George McGinnis, I'm sorry, McRivet, but it is a memory I will hold for a very long time and, hopefully, I will have the honor to speak with him again down the line.

I'll be sure to let all of you know when the rest of the interview, along with the entire 20,000 Leagues article, runs in Celebrations!

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