09 September 2015

A Social Club for Explorers

This month marks 8 years since the Adventurers Club closed in earnest. There were private events held at the club for another year, and the artifacts of the club have found their way to new homes around the world as part of the Society of Explorers and Adventurers (S.E.A.). A night at the Adventurers club was never dull. Just to jog those cobwebs out of your memory banks, how about a look at an old rack card promoting the Adventurers Club and their nightly schedule?

How many memories do you have from the Treasure or Mask rooms? How was your induction ceremony? And who could ever forget Fingers? Heck, this card takes us so far back, it predates Samantha Sterling. Early on another character took on cabaret duties, Mandora! The gag being was it a man playing Dora or was Mandora her actual name? While short-lived, Mandora certainly earned her place in the Adventurers Club hall of fame.

What was your favorite part of an evening at the Adventurers Club? For my part, I always loved the off the cuff interactions with the members of the Club. They always found a way to leave you smiling, or with a quizzical look wondering what, exactly, just happened. That and whenever I received a piece of mail. No matter what brought you to the Adventurers Club, my friends, Kungaloosh!

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