09 September 2014

The Pot That Boils

Sanaa, at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge Kidani Village, is known for a couple of things. Their extremely tasty bread service, the delicious adult beverage known as the African Starr Mojito, and extraordinary views of the Sunset Savanna and the animals that call it home all immediately spring to mind. While our attention may be captured by one, or all three, of these highlights have you ever stopped to look around and see where you are actually dining?

Sanaa is a Swahili word and can actually have several different meanings based on the context. It can mean a work of art, a work of skilled craftsmanship, or to make, construct, or fabricate. Anytime something is created, in particular by hand, you could say it is absolutely a work of art. Looking around at Sanaa is no different, it truly is an artistic creation, from the atmosphere to the culinary creations. But let’s stick to the decor for today.

Sanaa’s dining room is centralized around a large tree whose canopy forms the ceiling of the restaurant. Placed around the edge of the tree’s branches are booths with thatched roofs. The message of Sanaa is that you have stumbled upon artisans selling their creations. They have set up beneath the shade of the tree to get out of the harsh sunlight that covers the savanna. The artwork is displayed all throughout the shaded area, just try to miss the beads, baskets, lanterns, and other hand-crafted works displayed for your shopping pleasure.

No detail is too small, but when there are such amazing vistas and meals to capture our attention, even our surroundings can sometimes be overlooked. The next time you stop by Sanaa, be sure to take a gander at the artwork the merchants have set-up. It is sure to make your bread service feel much more like the work of art it is.

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