03 September 2014

Gold Shield

How often have we talked about little details being everywhere in Walt Disney World? This time, however, I’ll forgive you if you’ve missed it. After all, you’re generally caught in the crossfire of some gangsters and being hijacked at the time this little beauty appears. The gangsters in question are also just shadows of themselves here. Personally, I think they were trying to avoid being captured by my camera!

The piece to notice here are the crates of whisky they are using as shelter for when the bullets start flying. Gold Shield Whisky comes from The Roaring Twenties, a film which features two well-known individuals from The Great Movie Ride, Humphrey Bogart and James Cagney. The 1939 feature film picks up during the last days of World War I with James Cagney’s Eddie Bartlett and Humphrey Bogart’s George Hally, amongst others. The story follows their exploits, for better or worse, as they contend with Prohibition, the stock market crash, and straight on through to the repeal of Prohibition.

The Gold Shield Whisky crates in question are found by Cagney and Bogart during a robbery of a government warehouse. With a film focusing on war, romance, rivalry, bootlegging, and the tumultuous twenties, it’s no wonder these crates were left in the gangster scene of The Great Movie Ride. Just remember they’re there the next time the bullets start flying and you find yourself in need of a drink!

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