04 July 2014

Historical Proudly Uproarical Fourth

America on Parade was brought to the streets of the Magic Kingdom for the Bicentennial celebration in 1976. While planned to revel in two-hundred years of independence, which would culminate on July 4, 1976, it actually gave its first performance a full thirteen month earlier in June of 1975. During its short fifteen month run, the parade would have several changes to its performance schedule and presentation.

Mickey, Donald, and Goofy were most commonly seen in their Revolutionary era attire atop a float of an oversized drum with an eagle spreading its wings behind them. However, in the early days of the parade the three could be seen marching along with the rest of the troops.

The parade also ran during the evening hours during the Bicentennial celebration, as seen in this photograph of the soldier contingent of the People of America. Although seeing this 8-foot tall walking dolls just before they went off to sleep in their resort may have been more nightmare fuel than an infusion of national pride.

No matter what, if anything, you remember from America on Parade and it is still the most patriotic parade Walt Disney World has ever put on. I wonder if we’ll see a bit of America on Parade when the Sestercentennial rolls around in 2026?

No matter where you, and your family, are today, I hope the spirit of the American dream fills your heart, and that you have a safe and wonderful Independence Day!


Mini-V said...

Thanks for sharing that bit of history. Those huge dolls had to have set in place a few nightmares.

Happy 4th of July!

RyanTPA said...

Really cool! As a 12 year old, my family and I spent several days at WDW for 4th of July 1976! Probably my greatest childhood memories... The fireworks were spectacular! Amazing time, and amazing memories! Thanks for sharing these pictures...We stayed at the Fort Wilderness campground, and also enjoyed River Country, I really miss that place, I am glad I can still sneak a peek through the tall green wooden fence that surrounds it now.