11 July 2014

Education Tools for Today's Teachers

I have been an educator in some form or fashion for my entire adult life, which is one of the reasons I’ve always talked about the ideals and principles that founded EPCOT Center in such passionate ways. But here’s a glimpse of something that I wish still existed at the Epcot of today.

Located in CommuniCore West, this is the EPCOT Teacher’s Center. To be more specific, this is actually the Teacher’s Center lounge. The EPCOT Teacher’s Center was a part of the EPCOT Outreach Library, which itself was where guest could ask questions and obtain more information on the various topics covered by EPCOT Center. The Teacher’s Center was exclusively open to educators and parents and provided them with educational materials, such as classroom guides and multimedia presentations they could view while at EPCOT Center, that they could in turn utilize in a classroom or home study setting.

The Outreach Library and Teacher’s Center only lasted until 1994, but it certainly represented a cornerstone of what EPCOT Center was all about.

Coincidentally, I would love to peruse and archive those classroom guides that used to be available! You know, in case anyone has any extras just laying around that you need to go a good home.

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