26 June 2014

Amazing Juggling Unicycles

Sometimes luggage around Walt Disney World belongs to some famous characters, and sometimes the luggage is actually the home of a popular character. Case in point, take some time venture on around towards the exit of the Walt Disney World Railroad’s Fantasyland station. Here, you’ll find all types of luggage belonging to all manner of Fantasyland inhabitants. The case we want to look at today, however, comes to us from Eben’s Bikes.

Billed as Red’s “Amazing Juggling” Unicycles, this case is packed up and ready to go. In fact, it even says that they unicycles inside are circus grade and performance ready. Of course, if you know Red, you know that he’s always ready! Red actually comes from the 1987 Pixar short, Red’s Dream. In the animated short, Red is a lonely unicycle that lives in, you guessed it, Eben’s Bikes. It’s a rainy night, and the little unicycle dreams of joining a clown act in the circus. He doesn’t just believe he’ll be the means of transportation for the juggling clown though, oh no, Red believes he can steal the show by juggling himself! After bouncing a trio of balls between his pedals, his daydream comes to an end as he realizes that he is simply taking a bow for the other bikes in the shop, and he isn’t even holding any juggling balls.

A quick aside, just as Red’s suitcase seems too good not to be a gag, Eben’s Bikes just seems like a perfect place to throw in a nod itself, doesn’t it? As it turns out Eben’s Bikes, both in the short and on the luggage, refers to Pixar animator, visual effects, and technical director, Eben Ostby.

Now, the short may have a sad ending for our dear friend Red, but fear not. For, as the location of his traveling case tells us, he’s finally made it to the circus. In fact, it’s the greatest show of them all, the Storybook Circus! I hope his suitcase is plush enough for him in there…

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Anonymous said...

I saw this in the park and literally dragged family members over to gawk at it. For some reason, they treated me like *I* was the crazy one.