25 September 2013

Bamboo Backscratcher

Walt Disney World has gone to a lot of effort to homogenize their beverage selections across the spectrum of resort lounges. While the options offer up something for everyone, it is rare to find something unique, or semi-rare, in one of the well-appointed menus. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you can’t find something at a lounge to scratch that special libation itch.

Tambu Lounge, found on the second floor of the Great Ceremonial House of the Polynesian Resort, has a set of adult beverages that are right at home with a hammock and a sunset on the beach. In fact, one of them is even named the Island Sunset! However, on my recent visit to the Tiki-lite lounge I found myself drawn to the Backscratcher.

The Backscratcher comes with a bamboo backscratcher so long that you can definitely reach those hard to reach spots on your back. In order to reach those hard to reach taste buds, the Backscratcher combines Bacardi Superior Rum, Myer’s Original Dark Rum, Passion Fruit Juice, and finished off with a splash of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey. Aside from the backscratcher, the drink is garnished with an orange segment and cherry. If you read that description and have a thought that it isn’t a strong drink, then you would be dead wrong! That said, if rum is your beverage of choice, then this drink will make you very, very happy. There is enough of the passion fruit flavor to break through the rum to mix things up a bit, but overall this is a rum-lovers delight.

The Backscratcher may not be the beverage for everyone, but like we talk about earlier, Tambu Lounge has several selections on the menu that may be more your speed. The great thing about the Tambu Lounge menu is that there are still a few items that can’t be found anywhere else!


Unknown said...

I had this one a few weeks ago, and it's a tasty beverage. It's heavy on the alcohol flavor, but the fruity ness takes over on the backend. The bamboo back scratcher is a nice touch as well.

downundersugarglider said...

Hmmm .... everytime I see this I think of Family Guy's "Butt Scratcher!"