26 September 2013

At Large (But Not Very)

If you’ve stopped by the latest addition to the Magic Kingdom, it’s likely you’ve been tickled by the sights and jokes of wanted posters that feature the good, bad, and ugly characters from Tangled. Whether it is the Stabbington Brothers who have been captured, the piano skills of Hookhand, or the additions to Flynn Rider’s poster (they just can’t get his nose right), there is a lot to take in on these posters for those who take the time to give them more than a passing glance. Take some time to check these posting out, especially because you may be a little preoccupied the next time you're in the area.

The only rub? Some of them can only be found in the men’s room entryway. Ah well, at least we were able to grab a few pictures before the facilities were in use one morning!

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