05 August 2013

Your Magical Adventure Isn't Over Yet

When people begin to question how often I go to Walt Disney World there are times, not many of them but they do happen, when I question why I continue to go. What is it, after all of these trips, that drives me to visit again and again that is something above and beyond nostalgia. Then I realize that some people simply see it as a once in a lifetime experience and don’t understand what the repeated draw could be. Which begs the question, what do I tell them?

The food is always a reason I come back. I’m not talking about the burgers, although those are getting better, I’m talking about the breakfasts, lunches, and dinners that you sit down and have a true culinary experience. A spicy bowl of noodles and hot broth, steaks, pork tenderloin, a handcrafted pizza and pasta, or freshly made sorbets are just a few of the dishes that call to me often. Walt Disney World has done a great job at finding amazing chefs to create incredible and innovative meals that hit right in a variety of comfort zones.

While we are on the topic, Walt Disney World’s wine cellar is also a place to find top tier glasses and bottles of wine. There hasn’t been a trip in recent memory that I can’t recall coming back with a bottle that I want to add to my wine rack at home. Some are perfect for every day dinners and some that I want to find and tuck away for a special occasion.

It is easy to explore the parks in depth. Sure they can be large areas to cover, but the parks are where you want to be, so it is easy to explore them for architecture, details, sounds, and smells. The resorts, which grow in number and size every year, have a ton of areas to explore. A simple walk around the resort you are staying at can be trying enough to squeeze in, but trying to really soak up all of the ambiance and stories crafted by the resorts is a difficult task, but one I love to take on. Walking along the Sassagoula River and unraveling the tale of Ol’ Man Island, digging around the Dig Site, climbing the floors and learning about the layers of the Grand Fireplace, or just taking in the notes on the past century around Hourglass Lake always leaves me with newfound knowledge, an appreciation of the story work crafted by the Imagineers, and a bit calmer than when I began my exploration.

There is more to do in Walt Disney World than I would ever be able to do in a lifetime. That’s not me subscribing to some corny advertisement slogan, it is an honest to goodness belief. Tours, Cast Member interactions, recreational activities, spa treatments, shopping opportunities, and artwork live around every nook and cranny, just waiting to be explored. The parks are the main draw, and must be visited often when around, which makes the other experiences a bit more difficult to cram into the itinerary. That only means that there is always something new to do! Now that I’ve given you just a few of my ideas, the question is what is it that brings you back to Walt Disney World time after time?

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coneheads said...

Love yor Blog Ryan, always a must read. Very refreshing to not have to read how terrible WDW is.

I have a hard time explaining it to myself much less anyone else so I just don't.

My Mom worked for Disney from '69 to '74 so I got see the park from the digging of the Lagoon to completion. My first visit to the Park itself was the pre-opening party for emoloyees and contractors.

After that everyone got laid off and had to move for work elsewhere. I did work at Circus World though til it opened though, not as exciting as Disney but still fun.

Now we're back in S Fl and we go three or four times a year. I know many people here that would rather get a root canal with no anasthesia than step foot on Disney property. I don't understand them any more than they understand us.

All I know is that I almost always have the next trip planned and it makes me happy. I always have a smile on my face when we drive under the welcome sign on Osceola Pkwy. I can't wait to get checked in and try to make it somewhere to get the fun started even if it's just going to Downtown Disney for an adult beverage at Raglan Road.

So to those who don't get it don't go, less crowds for me to endure.
more fun for me