27 August 2013

Splinter Group

The most dramatic splinter ever!

SPLINTER GROUP -- “Body Wars” is a thrilling, new simulator-based attraction at Wonders of Life, the newest pavilion at Walt Disney World Epcot Center. The ride takes place in the future when miniaturization is commonplace. Guests travel into a human body to watch as a scientist swims around a massive-looking splinter to gather research on the immune system. The 40-seat theater in which guests ride into the human body tilts, rocks and careens in synchronization with the action on the film they watch -- and really gets exciting when they must rescue the scientist, who unexpectedly gets swept into the bloodstream and through the heart and lungs. Wonders of Life is presented by Metropolitan Life.

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Unknown said...

I used to love the Body Wars attraction. Thanks for putting this up and triggering some fond memories.