16 August 2012

The true heart of my country

For some time now we knew that changes were coming to the France pavilion in Epcot. The forthcoming expansion of the Boulangerie Patisserie has had many salivating and just waiting for their chance to partake in the new sweet and savory selections. As it turns out, however, the refurbishment is so much more than just the Patisserie. Here’s the breakdown for those of you who may have missed the kitchen shake up!
Boulangerie Patisserie – The Patisserie is moving to a new space near the rear of the pavilion. The new set up will include an expanded and new seating area, as well as a display bakery where bread will be baked for their entire pavilion throughout the day. The old storefront? It is going to be used for a new forth dining stop in the pavilion, a Glacier ice cream parlor!

Chefs de France – This staple of the World Showcase dining circuit is going to see no changes.

Bistro de Paris – New from top to bottom! From the uniforms of the servers, to the dining environment and restaurant name, not to mention an entirely redesigned menu, there isn’t an aspect of this marquee dining experience that isn’t being plussed.

I have always thought that France was one of the most complete pavilions in World Showcase. Think about it. It has shops that highlight the main exports and noted products of its home country. There is a beloved and long-standing attraction, the only change that has come to Impressions de France since the park opened in 1982 is to upgrade the film to digital. To top off the French connection we have a trio of restaurants that feature the wide range of classical French culinary techniques, each meeting a specific need and price point.

This restaurant overhaul has some concerns however. Most notably, the diehard fans of Bistro de Paris. While there are elements of the Bistro experience that will be missed, I believe this is a chance to improve a crowd favorite. The yet to be named restaurant, overseen by the renowned Bocuse family group, has brought in a new chef from a 3-Star Michelin restaurant. With that kind of food cred, I’m willing to try any plate he can create.

I’m glad to see my favorite pavilion in World Showcase getting some love, and I’m thrilled that it’s coming in the form of new and expanded menus! I whole-heartedly believe that these changes will only solidify France as the place to eat, people watch, and be.

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Rich T. said...

I love when Disney spends money to improve something that's not really marketable as a big new attraction, but will enhance the overall experience for everyone.