01 April 2008

Way up there on the Triple R

Joel, from WDW History, recently posted a rather fabulous piece of Disney history over at the Netcot forums. (A quick aside, If you haven’t yet checked out the Netcot forums, you definitely should. The members there are full of insight and ideas, and are always welcoming new opinions.) Bill Cotter, the author of The Wonderful World of Disney Television, has a wonderful article on Disney’s Golden Oak Ranch.

For those of you not familiar with the Golden Oak Ranch, it was the site of the Triple R Ranch from the Mickey Mouse Club’s Spin and Marty serials. The ranch also made appearances in The Apple Dumpling Gang, Old Yeller, Pete's Dragon (that’s right, it was Passamaquoddy), The Santa Clause, and The Muppet Movie, among other Disney and non-Disney films and television shows. The ranch is still owned and operated by Disney, though hiking, touring, and sightseeing is prohibited.

For more on Disney’s Golden Oak Ranch, check out Bill Cotter’s article and Disney’s Golden Oak Ranch page.

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Greg said...

Wasn't Golden Oak Hall used in the Country Bears movie? Probably a good deal of the exteriors. Some of the tour bus travel footage was filmed in Nashville.