30 August 2007

Young Adventurers - Pirates of the Caribbean

Ahoy young landlubber! These be cursed pirate waters ye be takin’ on. Sail through uncharted waters and hidden caverns the hold secrets to the pirate days of old. Be ye warned, this cave’s curse may just sweep you over the falls to said pirate days of old! Here pirates be the sacking the town, torturing the mayor, and any other slack-jawed townsfolk fool enough to be caught, for information, and setting ablaze every livin’ thing in their path all in to quench the lust for treasure, rum, and women! Oh, an keep a weathered eye for me redheaded love, would ye. Now, beware that scurvy dog Barbosa as he scours the town for Jack Sparrow and the key to the treasury. Aye, an if ye see old Jack hisself, give ‘em a Yo-Ho Yo-Ho for me. So, if ye be brave and of stout heart, board your longboat, draw your sword, and cast off!

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