26 August 2007

Extra, Extra, Read All About It

I thought we’d start out today with a bit of trivia and history. And I though that there was no better way to start this segment than by exposing the truth behind the Main Street Gazette name.

The Main Street Gazette is the name of the newspaper that Main Street U.S.A. streetmosphere character Scoop Sanderson works for. Now, while there is no actual publication that you can pick up on Main Street with daily news and events, well, unless you count the Times Guide (available at all fine retailers on Main Street), Scoop is a joy to talk to and interact with. Besides being a reporter, Scoop is also a Town Councilman, and has an incomparable thirst for all things Disney Pins. In fact, he gives a talk every Sunday through Thursday at Exposition Hall on this precise topic. It is called the One O’Clock Pin Talk and happens at, well, one o’clock. Scoop loves to trade pins, especially with the younger crowd. Sometimes he will turn the pins so that only the back is showing and let a child, or a whole family for that matter, pick one of his pins without knowing what they are getting.

Recently I’ve been hearing that the One O’Clock Pin Talk has been cancelled, or on hiatus. I am trying to get some firm information about exactly what is going on with the Talk, and will update you as soon as I can.

If you are out and about and trying to find Scoop, good luck! The rest of his schedule is erratic at best, but here are a few ways to spot Scoop if you are looking for him. He has been known to walk his toy dogs, Butterscotch and Licorice, ham it up with the Dapper Dans or Rhythm Rascals, play marbles, fish down near the Crystal Palace, and ride along Main Street on a variety of the Main Street Vehicles. Also, as any good reporter sniffing out a story, if he spots something newsworthy (say a birthday, anniversary, or Honorary Parade Marshall) he likes to beat everyone to the story by giving a breaking news report for the Main Street Gazette right then and there.

One last scoop on Scoop for all of you, remember where you are. You are on a turn of the century (1900s not 2000s) main street. Scoops, and the rest of Main Street’s residents, don’t know anything about iPods, cell phones, or any number of technological advances we’ve had in the past 100 years. Likewise, common courtesy and manners will go far with Scoop and the rest of Main Street citizens.

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