18 February 2019

Serving You Since 1952

Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith is filled with clever gags that play with the rock and roll genre, in particular the songs of Aerosmith. The queue is littered with plays on the name rock ‘n’ roll, including Lock ‘n’ Roll Parking, Rock Rack Magazine, Rock ‘n’ Rollaway dumpsters, while songs by Aerosmith are also highlighted, such as payment instructions for the parking lot including the instructions “Swipe Card and Just Push Pay,” a nod to the band’s song Just Push Play. Yet, underneath the glitz and glamor of rock ‘n’ roll, there’s also a nod to a longstanding Disney name.

As you leave the recording studio and make your way down to your super stretch limo, you are given very little room with which to maneuver due to the construction taking place. The fencing forms your own personal rock ‘n’ roll tunnel, and is provided the Buena Vista Fence Co. Buena Vista is fairly common when it comes to the world of Disney. In fact, part of Walt Disney World itself is located inside of Lake Buena Vista, though the lake itself was known as Black lake before Disney moved in. As always, there’s more to a name, and this sign.

The sign for Buena Vista Fence Co. states that they have been in service since 1952. In reality, Buena Vista was the distributor of Walt Disney Studios beginning after Peter Pan’s release in 1953, although the subsidiary was set up in 1952 and some of the existing contracts with RKO Pictures required pictures to be distributed under their banner until 1956. Buena Vista remained a primary distributor for film and television through 2007, when many of the Buena Vista brands were given more readily recognizable names, such as Walt Disney Motion Pictures and Disney-ABC Domestic Television.

The name Buena Vista comes up in a smattering of other places as well. There is the above mentioned Lake Buena Vista. Guests of Disney California Adventure can also walk down Buena Vista Street, the front area of the park that acts as California Adventure’s Main Street, U.S.A. The real Buena Vista Street, however, can be found in Burbank, CA and includes, among its other residents, the Team Disney headquarters.

There is one last little tidbit from the Buena Vista Fence Co.’s sign that we should acknowledge, and that is their telephone number. Provided as 544-6500, the number leaves out the area code. While Orlando’s area code may be 407, Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster has transported us to California where we would be much better off using the area code 818. Why, you ask? Because when paired with the number we are given on the sign, we would be put straight through to the front desk of Walt Disney Imagineering. I do wonder how many smart-alecky people with Google and an itch dialing finger have called this number while in line looking for fencing.

There are a ton of puns and a lot of clever wordplay to be discovered throughout the queue of Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith, most a play on words with rock ‘n’ roll as the star or having a significant tie to an Aerosmith song title. The Buena Vista Fence Co. serves to remind us of who has built the imaginary world we’re walking through. And I must say that they build a fairly sturdy fence!

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