24 April 2018

Enchanted Windows

The tradition of dioramas representing Disney animated features brightening up the windows of the Emporium on Main Street, U.S.A. dates back to Disneyland in the 1960s. In the Magic Kingdom, they have been present since the park opened in 1971. The Enchanted Windows feature a single scene from a particular film, with some minor movement of the characters, and a plaque detailing the movie’s title, date of release, and a brief synopsis. It goes without saying that these windows have delighted guests young and old to no end though the years.

Various films have been featured over the years, and many changes have come to the windows, such as the window dedicated to The Little Mermaid also being a portal for the Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom interactive game. Also, during the holidays, the windows are changed over to recount the entire tale of Mickey’s Christmas Carol through six scenes. While the films may change, the joy they bring is evergreen. Let’s take a quick stroll around the Emporium’s windows today and catch a glimpse of which tales are being highlighted.

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