16 June 2017

Drift Away on a Relaxing Tube

Water parks, particular of the Disney variety, are a strange hybrid of relaxation and thrills. By their very nature you can spend the early time there running to grab a good spot, so that you can relax later on in the day, and then rush off to the biggest thrills to avoid the lines that will quickly form. With that in mind, today we’re going to focus on the top ways to relax at Disney’s water parks.

Cabanas – This is not a cheap way to relax, which is why it so far down this list That said, however, both the Beachcomber Shacks of Typhoon Lagoon and the Polar Patios at Blizzard Beach offer the absolute pinnacle of water park relaxation. Complimentary towels, ice-cold bottled water, a locker at your fingertips, and someone who will check on you and pick up any food for you; it doesn’t get much better than this! Again, the rentals of cabanas isn’t cheap, even in the off season, but it is a great way to relax if you can swing it.

Chair Lift – Found only at Blizzard Beach, this chair lift can carry you up to the top of Mount Gushmore is a great way to relax in anticipation of your upcoming thrills. True, once at the top you have a pair of adrenaline pumping ways to get down, but going up you can sit back and rest. Plus, the chair lift offers great views of the park!

Miss Adventure Falls – You’re probably thinking I’ve spent too much time in the sun, but stick with me for a moment. Of all of the thrilling water rides at either water park, only Miss Adventure Falls at Typhoon Lagoon takes all of the work out of the thrills. You don’t have find a raft and you don’t have to lug it up several flights of stairs. Heck, you don’t even have to climb stairs! You sit in your raft and are carried up to the top of the slide before catching some rapids down. Sure, it has some thrills, but this is the most relaxing way I’ve ever come across to take on a water adventure.

Stop and Smell the Flowers – Both literally and figuratively. Both parks have trails that wind their way around the parks. These trails feature some great visual gags, storytelling vignettes, and wonderful landscaping details. If you don’t want to walk around, grab a stool at one of the watering holes, or a cone full of cool soft-serve deliciousness. No matter how you do it, there are other activities to partake in besides just water attractions.

Bobbing Wave – Typhoon Lagoon’s wave machine is known for his massive waves that send guests flying, but this massive feat of engineering also features a calmer mode known as Bobbing Wave.  A similar effect takes place at Blizzard Beach's Melt-Away Bay. During this time small tubes for children are available, and the waves are just playfully bouncing about. This time, which is posted at multiple places around the park, is perfect for checking in with your family and maybe a little horseplay.

Lounge Chair and Beach Music – The musical loops of both parks are wonderful, and set the tone for the parks, while also relaxing guests. Whether you’re grabbing a lounge chair to grab some rays or in the shade for an afternoon siesta, there are plenty of places to find both. Whatever your chair’s function, you can unwind and listen to the classic beach tunes, letting your stresses go out with the tides.

Lazy Rivers – Castaway Creek at Typhoon Lagoon and Cross Country Creek at Blizzard Beach are long, languid lazy river attractions, and there really is no finer way to relax in either park than to grab a tube and float around for a loop or two, or three…

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