05 January 2017

Spirit of Discovery

Inside Independence Hall, where The American Adventure takes place, guests are watched over by a dozen sentinels that each represent an ideal of spirit. Collectively, they are the Spirits of America and give a fairly accurate representation of the American dream. Outside of The American Adventure, guests can see bronze miniatures of six of the spirits alongside busts of both mark Twain and Benjamin Franklin. There is another full set of the Spirits of America, but we have to leave Walt Disney World and head across the county to Disneyland in order to see them.

In the waiting area for The Disneyland Story presenting Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln, a full complement of the Spirits of America can also be marveled at. While not a large and grand as their Epcot counterparts, they are roughly the same size as the bronze versions that stand in the windows outside of The American Adventure. Each of the twelve figures depicts a different profession that is the embodiment of that spiritual from. From the Spirit of Adventure being personified by a seaman at the wheel, to the Spirit of Innovation featuring a scientist or the Spirit of Tomorrow showcasing a mother and child, there is a bit of each of us to be found in these figures.

Let’s stop talking and take a tour through the individual figures from Disneyland.

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