05 December 2016

Where it's Always Jumpin'

When people think of Hilton Head Island, they most often think of lazy summer days. Playing on the shore, or napping beneath the shade of the moss covered live oak trees, maybe even a barbecue or boil going on. It is warm, sunny, and filled with natural wonder and some of the finer things in life. There are people who visit Hilton Head Island, and then there is still life in motion for people who live on the island. Part of that life is the fact that holidays come and go with the passage of time, just as they do wherever you live.

It is worth noting that the people of Hilton Head Island, like many along the eastern seaboard, were dealt a blow this year when Hurricane Matthew came through. The island and it's residence are resilient and have fought hard to regain their sense of daily life. By all accounts Disney's Hilton Head Island Resort is back up and running, and looks just as welcoming as ever. we'll be stopping in for a visit next weekend, so we'll be able to report back on just how gorgeous all the holiday trimmings are.

Like all parks and resorts Disney has a hand in, Disney’s Hilton Head Resort revels in the holiday spirit. Guests decorate rooms, there are warm beverages in the Live Oak Lodge, and there is a festive spirit wherever you look. It isn’t the typical time of year when guests are knocking down the doors to come to a beach resort, and there is definitely a chill in the air, but it is one of our favorite times to go. Since most guests won’t ever get to a chance to pay the resort a visit during the winter, we thought we’d do a little photo safari today, venturing back to 2014, and give you a chance to experience one of the most wonderful times of the year through the eyes of Disney’s Hilton Head Resort.

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