28 November 2016

Twinkling Twilight

For some the best part of the holidays is the ability to bring out and put up all of the wonderful decorations. In fact, around my house, I try to see how big of a tree I can get the missus to agree upon and continually try to find ways to decorate the front lawn while maintaining the modesty the missus insists upon. She loves the holidays, but does not share my overzealous glee for some of the finer elements of the season. The folks over at the 50s Prime Time Cafe and Tune-In Lounge, however, completely get me.

Oh sure, we differ on style of tree. I prefer something fresh cut, even if it has gaps and holes, while they go all out with their tinsel tree. It’s the typical Charlie Brown debate. Seriously though, take a look at these wonderful throwback ornaments! They truly set this tree in its own place and time.

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