19 October 2016

Buy Now, Sleigh Later

Whether you’re on the water park bunny slopes or a black diamond slider, everyone works up an appetite at Blizzard Beach. There are plenty of eateries set-up all around the park, but let’s be honest, when you’re playing away at the water park, you’re looking for something sweet. There are a couple of items that are served up at the park that could satisfy your sweet tooth before, or after, hitting the slopes, but are they equals? Today we’re going to review a pair of Blizzard Beach treats and hopefully not lead you astray.

The first of our duo comes straight from Lottawatta Lodge. After sun and fun, and maybe some chilly dips in the water, nothing sounds better than to grab a seat next to fireplace and dig into the S’Mores Bites. While this is typically a summertime treat enjoyed around a campfire, the idea of warm chocolate and marshmallows seems like a year round memory-maker. The bites come by the pair and appear to be overstuffed pop-tarts from the outside.

The graham cracker pastry is drizzled with both chocolate and marshmallow sauces. They appear to be heaping bites, and I expected more chocolate and marshmallow goodness to be filled on the inside. Unfortunately, these bites are almost all air pastry shell. The filling barely registered in the doughy graham cracker casing, and nothing about it seemed particularly appeasing to me and no one in my party could even bring themselves to finish the pair.

In the hopes of saving our snack attack, I began an expedition for something to satisfy. It was a harrowing journey that took me, well, literally across the path from the Lottawatta Lodge to a small shack with a sign that simply read “Mini Donuts.” It also happens to serve Joffrey’s Coffee, in case you’re looking for your caffeine fix. The donuts come in plain take-out containers in half or full dozens and are coated in cinnamon-sugar. For an additional cost you can also add chocolate, raspberry, or white chocolate dipping sauces.

In all seriousness, these donuts were delicious. They were fresh and hot, had just the right amount of sweetness, and their size meant that you could easily pop an entire donut right into your mouth. For those of you who like your donuts extra sweet, there is plenty of the cinnamon sugar mixture in the bottom of the take out container for you to dredge your donut through. These would make a great snack before you start your day at Blizzard Beach, as an in between meals snack, or to as you leave to send you on your way smiling.

Blizzard Beach has a lot to offer, and I don’t just mean the chairlift and Slush Gusher! It has some great snack options and some not so great snack options. Ice cream is always an easy win, but if you’re looking for something a bit different than the usual snack suspects make sure you make the right choice. In my book, the mini donuts at Blizzard Beach, which can also be found at Typhoon Lagoon, are the real snack of slope champions!

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