09 September 2016

The Scoop

There’s been some news out of the Magic Kingdom this week, or rather about the end of news coming out of the Magic Kingdom, which hit a nerve with those of us around the Gazette offices. One of the longtime Citizens of Main Street, Scoop Sanderson will make his last Main Street appearance on October 8. Known to many as a pin trader extraordinaire, his official role was that of reporter for the Main Street Gazette.

No, I don’t mean that he was someone that worked for or with us, but rather for the fictional paper that never truly circulated around Main Street, U.S.A. There were a couple of editions of the Gazette put out over the years, the most well-known version as part of Walt Disney World’s 25th anniversary, but mostly it was just a name that lived in the mythical ether of Walt Disney World. That is, until Scoop came along. The reporter was genuine and had an incredible knack for being able to relate to and engage with children.

In fact, I never actually met Scoop in person. Why? Because when I did spot him he was always intently focused on the conversation he was having with a child or a couple of children. As a former preschool and elementary educator, this always did my heart a world of good. I would sit back and watch the interaction and see the joy he brought to them. It made me proud to be running this little thing called the Main Street Gazette and that Scoop was somehow, in a knotted up ball of string kind of way, related to it. I didn’t have to meet him, though I certainly wish I had, to know he was a one-in-a-million personality.

Scoop’s backstory included his ability to sleuth out a story, particularly if a guest happened to be celebrating a birthday, anniversary, or other monumental occasion. He would give his news report right there on Main Street, rather than wait for presses. Scoop is described as being a Town Councilman, who loved to walk his toy dogs, Butterscotch and Licorice. He could be seen riding along Main Street in a number of vehicles, playing a game of marbles, or getting in on the action with the Dapper Dans. He could be recognized by his trademark boater hat, complete with press card sticking out of the band. Like I said, one-in-a-million.

If you happen to catch Scoop between now and October 8, make sure to let him know just how special he was to you and to all of us. In an age where more and more newspapers and papermen are disappearing or going digital, he has been a breath of fresh air and someone I will definitely miss on my next visit to the Magic Kingdom. Thank you, Scoop, for everything.

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