18 June 2015

The Convenience of Travelers

This may be one of those articles where you shake your head and try to figure out why I would have even bothered to take this photo. I’m never entirely sure myself, but let’s start with setting the scene today, shall we. This sign is affixed to one of the pillars outside of the restrooms in Harambe. You know the building, right? It is the one that is listed as the Port Authority.

Any guest of Disney’s Animal Kingdom can tell you that this main thoroughfare of Africa can get pretty congested in the blink of an eye. It is definitely an area in need of a sign that proclaims “NO PARKING,” in big bold letters. What really drew me in, however, was the Swahili text beneath. Always wondering how messages are presented in other cultures I was immediately interested to find out what, precisely, “Hapana Kuweka Magari” meant. Depending on who you get your translation from there is a little variation, but the long and short of it is “No Set Vehicles.” Basically, “No Parking,” got it!

Of course there aren’t a lot of automobiles coming through this area, but the parking and vehicles that they are worried about aren’t mopeds, motorcycles, or cars taking up prime real estate in the heart of Harambe. What they are concerned about is taking a congested area and gumming up the works with strollers being left unattended while other guests try to shimmy through the maze of child-sized transport vehicles. So, the next time you need to stop off at the Port Authority, just remember, “HAPANA KUWEKA MAGARI!”

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