13 August 2014

14-Story A-frame Tower

There are images that have become so iconic that they are tough to explore with any sense of rational thought. The silhouette of the Contemporary Resort, day or night, rain or shine, cuts such a striking picture that any photograph taken of it immediately becomes iconic.

On the flip side of things, we have all seen the grand miniatures of Walt Disney World. We’re talking Progress City, U.S.A. and the model of the Vacation Kingdom that could be seen in the years leading up to the 1971 opening. Both are just as awe-inspiring, and create such an overwhelming response, that they are hard to define.

What if we get down to the finer details though? Look at the Contemporary not as a towering icon, but as a single stop through the whirlwind miniature of Walt Disney World? Well then, we’d get this.

The wings jut out to both sides. The water looks almost like a dried up sandbar. The Contemporary itself stands high above the trees, ant-like figurines of guests, and even the monorail beams, making sure that its presence is known and place on the horizon assured.

It would appear that even in isolated miniaturization The Contemporary is nothing short of iconic.

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