10 May 2013

The Best in Adventure and Site-Seeing

The queue for Kali River Rapids truly sets the scene for not only the white water rafting adventure you are about to undertake, but also for the entirety of Anandapur in Disney’s Animal Kingdom. In fact, if you look on the trekking guide for the township, you’ll see more than one location identified that resides inside the queue. The heart of the line, however, is the booking office for Kali River Rapids, also known as Kali Rapids Expeditions.

Inside you’ll see all the trimmings of an office, desk, paperwork, phones, but the folks at Kali Rapids Expeditions haven’t forgotten what they’re there for. There are bright painted posters depicting all of their rafts in actions. Some of these posters have their participants in, shall we say, precarious predicaments. Perhaps my favorite part of the office, however, are the signed paddles on the walls.

Whether it is a team or a family going on their journey, and no matter what corner of the globe they have come from, those who have survived the thrilling rafting and site-seeing tours of Kali Rapids Expeditions have left behind a token of their adventure. Some just have signatures, while some of the paddles have a bit more to say. The paddle I always seek out is the paddle that includes a thought from one expedition, in French, about what they took away from the experience. The paddle reads, “De nous montrer comment la nature et l'homme preurent ensemble prosperer,” which translated discusses how they were shown that it is possible for man and nature thrive together.

Kind of sums up the entire park in one swift paddle, doesn’t it?

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