26 December 2012

2012 Best in Epicurean Displays - Don’t forget about breads

Usually when I visit Walt Disney World, I go in with a dining plan. No, not the type of plan where I get credits and make ADRs months in advance, but the type of plan where I know what eateries I need to try and where there might be something new to add to me menu. Occasionally, however, I find something that I was completely unaware of. These surprises can be some of the most delicious, as I sit down to the table completely blind as to what I’m about to taste.

My favorite example of this type of dining event came this year at Sunshine Seasons, in the form of the Croissant Berry Bread Pudding I sampled in Don’t forget about breads.

To those who are masters of the breakfast arts, there is a myriad of ways to start your day. Some prefer sweet, while others want something salty, and the syrupy and savory goodness of a plate of pancakes and sausages is pretty hard to beat! Today, we are heading down into the below ground level of The Land pavilion for a little advertise, but highly coveted, morning meal.

Future World’s go-to stop for one stop dining, whether it is for cupcakes, meats from a rotisserie, or Mickey waffles, is Sunshine Seasons in The Land. Breakfast platters fly from behind the counters here with clockwork-like regularity. The true indulgent morning dish, however, is the Croissant Berry Bread Pudding.
I am typically not a fan of bread puddings. The soggy, mushy bread plays havoc with the textures my palate finds appealing, and I’m rarely able to finish a serving, no matter what the other ingredients happen to be. With that in mind, when I read the word ‘croissant’ in the title of this breakfast or dessert entrée, I was immediately intrigued. This dish did not disappoint! Rather than mushy interior, the butteriness of the croissant meshes the flaky layers together and gives the pudding a great consistency that breaks apart easily.

The sugars from the berries, which are fresh and whole or in large segments, and the croissant create a great glaze that permeates the entire portion of the dish. Additionally, the sugary elements from the pudding caramelize extremely well, leaving just a hint of sweet crust that appears from time to time as you dig through the dish. The berries, while sweet, switch up the texture and add a bit of bitterness to the bread pudding.

In a Walt Disney World of waffles, French toast, and pancakes, the Croissant Berry Bread Pudding is a refreshing shift in breakfast pastry! A bit fruity, a lot sweet, and a creamy, butter consistency that is sure to please from the first to the last bite. Sunshine Seasons provides the perfect example of how looking beyond the main menu items can reveal truly unique and wonderful dishes!

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